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Filestube Video Help and FAQ

Here you can find answers and tips about using Filestube Video. Click on any question below to get your answers.

What is Filestube Video ?

Filestube Video is a place where you can find videos from all major video hosting sites on the internet. All videos in one common interface - no more browsing through multiple services !
This service is a part of larger Filestube group - feel free to check out other Filestube services such as Filestube files search, Filestube Groups and others.
We aren't hosting videos - all videos belongs to theirs providers (such as youtube) and to be honest with them, we share with you informations about original video location and embed code.

What and how can I search here ?

In FilesTube Video you can search or browse for videos.
Searching is based on words which you will provide in search field located on top of every page. you can filter results by video channel and/or by category.
Browsing is easy process of choosing channel or category and going through the pages of results.

How can I watch videos ?

Prefered way to watch video is to get to video details page, and then click "play" in movie player (on this page you can vote, comment and add tags to them). But we have for you more ways to watch videos !
Another way to watch video is to watch them directly on video search results page - click on link "Watch here" and video player will slide out.
If you have videos on quick list or on favorites list (what is list - see one of other questions) you can play whole list - starting from any video from list to the end of the list. However there is one inconvenience - you must choose when to play next movie from the list (by clicking appropriate link on video details page), we cannot automaticly decide when video ends and switch to next one (due to many video providers and their video players).

How can I share my opinion ?

Your opinions are welcome here - you can post comments, rate and add new tags to all videos.

Adding comments is the best way to tell others what you are thinking about video, but keep your comments clear - do not add only one word like "nice" but rather use whole sentences so others can decide whether to watch or not this video. Posting comments is easy, as other actions in Filestube Videos, simply write your comment in appropriate field on video details page and click "Add comment" button.

You can also give your opinion by rating video - simply get your mouse cursor over stars and click on any of them. you will assign as many stars as is highlighted. One star means that video is poor, and five stars means that video is worth watching.

If you think that some video don't have some tags, you can add new tags. To do this you must be logged as filestube user. If you are logged there will be an icon "add tag", and when clicked there will be a form to add new tags. you can add multiple tags separating them with comma, or opening new form for every tag. When you click "save" tags will be assignated to choosen video. If you made a mistake in tag name you could delete a tag and add a new one.

What is and how to use video lists ?

There are three main categories of video lists which you can see on right side of your screen

1) Favorites and quick list.

2) Last watched videos.
This list contains videos last watched by you. Last watched means when you last access video details page. If you have watched video some time ago and access it one more time it will be moved to the first place on the list. When you are logged into your Filestube account, this list will be permanent - it will contains a maximum one hundred of last watched videos. If you are not logged, then this list is available only for current browser session.

3) Related videos.
On related videos list you can see videos which are somehow related to video you are watching (ex. a video is only one part from series, or video has been splitted). This list is only available on video details page, and is capable to show you fifty items, splitted to pages with five items per page.

Each list can be minimized/maximized by clicking on list title, and your selection will be saved for future visits.

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