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Traffic X (Just Flight) Preview

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  • Added: 2008-01-03 09:38:34
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*PLEASE READ* - If you have any questions PLEASE EMAIL ME. I will not answer ANY questions that are "Commented" on this video. My email can be found on my profile. Eight years and five…
*PLEASE READ* - If you have any questions PLEASE EMAIL ME. I will not answer ANY questions that are "Commented" on this video. My email can be found on my profile. Eight years and five versions of Flight Simulator have flown by since Just Flight published the first instalment in its legendary Traffic series.Now the latest version is on its way and Traffic X is set to become the new benchmark for Artificial Intelligence traffic expansions. Traffic X is set to include over 1,600 different aircraft variants based on over 80 different aircraft models that are designed to the highest level of detail and painted with in a dazzling variety of airline liveries and paint schemes from around the world. They can all be seen flying, landing, taxiing, parking and taking off at airports large and small. The aircraft featured range from small single-engine private aircraft like the C152 right up to the world's biggest airliner, the Airbus A380. You'll also see the highly advanced 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350 XWB. Of course, we've also included a huge amount of aviation traffic that falls between these extremes. There is a massive selection of commercial jet airliners, regional jets, regional turboprops, business aircraft, general aviation aircraft and helicopters and, for the first time in the Just Flight Traffic series, a whole host of multi-national military aircraft! As well as aircraft, Traffic X also boasts a huge set of new features -- here is a quick summary: * The new Traffic ControlCentre™ (TCC) program gives you full access to customise and expand your AI traffic in a comprehensive and easy-to-use way. * ChronoTraffic™ AI time period selection feature. Every aircraft and flight can now be set to be specific to a certain period of years. * The all-new Follow-me car and pushback truck let you explore the airport from the ground and even guide incoming AI aircraft to their parking positions. * For the first time Traffic X now includes a diverse selection of military aircraft. * The 787 Dreamliner now has all the known launch customer liveries included! * Airbus A350 XWB included with all the known launch customers liveries included! * Keep an eye out for clandestine CIA Extraordinary Rendition flights.An all-new Traffic Radar allows you to view traffic information for each AI aircraft in range. There are three different modes - vertical speed and current altitude, bearing and distance, identification and true airspeed. * Graphic Departure and Arrival boards will show you the status of all incoming and outgoing flights at each airport, from Boarding to Baggage Reclaim. * Another Just Flight Traffic first - Unique Custom AI sounds. * Appropriate aircraft take advantage of the advanced animations in FSX to operate with airport service vehicles. Main Development Site: In-Depth information:

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