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"Slip on Through" (The Beach Boys) - The Laptop Sessions

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  • Added: 2008-05-12 09:31:20
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Description: - Visit the FMP Blog to leave your comments and get replies directly from Jim! Welcome to day two of "Track 1" week here at the Laptop Sessions!… - Visit the FMP Blog to leave your comments and get replies directly from Jim! Welcome to day two of "Track 1" week here at the Laptop Sessions! This week, Chris, Jeff, and I (plus a possible new special guest) will be bringing you our favorite album-starters! This is the second in a series of specialty weeks to come. We'll be doing "Title Track Week" soon, plus an album closer week, and another new bands week very soon! This particular week is pretty big for me- but to find out why, you'll have to visit the Blog at and read my entry that will appear in the next few days- trust me, it's worth the click! Today, I bring you the first of TWO Beach Boys songs because I haven't done one for a couple weeks. Actually, this just kinda fell into place- I was going to do "Slip On Through" anyway (track 1 off of my favorite album, "Sunflower"), and it just fit into this week, so here it is! I'm also happy to finally be doing a Dennis Wilson song here on the Sessions. We're all anxiously awaiting Dennis' "Pacific Ocean Blue" and "Bambu" collection to come out next month, and you better believe there will be Sessions done from those albums! We've had POB for years now and I've been itching to do a song from it. Like I said, "Sunflower" is probably my favorite Beach Boys album (besides my guilty pleasure: the 1985 album), so ANY requests from this one will be fulfilled. I'll be back on Thursday with yet another amazing Beach Boys album starter: "Wouldn't It Be Nice" from everyone's favorite, "Pet Sounds"!! It'll be my first Pet Sounds Session and I'm very proud of how it came out. See you then, but make sure to check out Chris' first entry for "Track 1 Week" on! Visit the Fusco-Moore Productions Store to download ALL the Laptop Sessions as mp3s for your audio players--for FREE! A new Volume of The Laptop Sessions mp3 albums comes out every 15 songs, so it's only a matter of time before your favorite one becomes available. Visit and click on Music Downloads in the left panel. As always, visit our complete Blog of videos at and visit my website at! Also, search for the Laptop Sessions on iTunes to subscribe to our free video podcast!!

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