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MAME Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Tutorial

  • Duration: 02:47
  • Added: 2008-04-21 18:50:01
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Tutorial For MAME SFIII Third Strike: DOWNLOAD THIS FILE:;9973079;/fileinfo.html Unzip it, it comes in 3 files, drag and drop those files…
Tutorial For MAME SFIII Third Strike: DOWNLOAD THIS FILE:;9973079;/fileinfo.html Unzip it, it comes in 3 files, drag and drop those files without screwing around with them in your ROMs folder in MAME. PLAY THE GAME. When it tells you to rewrite the CD thingie make sure you have Key 1 enabled as a certain key in the game, than hit ok. - First Part get the right Emulator. You wanna get MAME 0.121 (the latest version released). Download it from here: (Copy this and paste it into your browser than select 'Save As' or 'Save To Disk' or whatever you use to save.) * After that Extract this downloaded file to your desktop. * Create a folder called 'MAME 0.121' and put all files extracted folders there. * Put the folder wherever, I leave mine on the Desktop or whatever. - Second Part getting SFiii 3rd Strike. The first file for Street Fighter III 3rd Stike is located here: * Write Number than Download it.... * The file is 63.12 go take a potty break or something..... * Move the file into your MAME folder and than into your ROM folder from there... - Third Part getting the CHD file for SFiii 3rd Strike. This is where you can get the CHD file for SFIII 3rd Strike:;7877912;;r;5883526/fileinfo.html * Click Download Now * Move The File Into Your MAME folder and than into your ROM folder. * Make a folder called 'sfiii3' and than put this file into that folder. - Fourth Part is to get the BIOS for SFIII 3rd Strike. PS - Apparently Romnations servers went overboard or whatever because they took the download down. SO I just uploaded the small file on for ya guys ;] You can download it here:;9416696;/fileinfo.html * Click Download Now! * Download it and move it into your ROM folder. - Fifth Part is mounting the BIOS file on your ROM. Probably the second hardest part after finding all these files. * YOU MUST HAVE WINRAR or some type of Extracting Program, pererferably WINRAR. Found here: * Open with WinRAR * Open with WinRAR * Drag and drop sf33usa.bin into * YOu can go ahead now and delete the BTW. Ok your pretty much done.... The last step is to run it, it will write a CD for you this takes aprrox. 30 - 45 min. Just uhhhhh go uh jack off or something.... Notices - It takes a while to 'Initialize' - Type OK when it says that Legal Stuff. - Type OK when it says there are problems. - The game kind of takes a bit of RAM so I recommend not running multiple programs while running it. (It'll probably slow it down...)

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