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Great Balls of Fire- Final Round

  • Duration: 07:06
  • Added: 2008-04-22 10:09:22
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Description: Great Balls of Fire Challenge Results at Salvador Molly's restaurant in Portland Oregon…
Description: Great Balls of Fire Challenge Results at Salvador Molly's restaurant in Portland Oregon First...the rules of the challenge 5 Hush puppies each round 1st round until all have finished the first plate of 5 Habanero Hush Puppies with Habanero Hot Salsa to move onto the next round Each round after that consisted of a plate with 5 more balls but must be eaten within 5 minutes or you're out There are no limits to the number of rounds played as long as there are two people still standing with empty plates within the 5 minute time limit are disqualified if you puke.'s the final tally ....out of 6 people 6th place -name forgotten - round 2- ate 7 balls and then puked 5th place- skull-kicker (Rose City Roller Girl)- round 3 - ate 11 and stepped down 4th place- Star Wars Stormtrooper guy -round 3 - ate 12 and stepped down 3rd place ...ME !!!! - round 3 -ate 14 1/2....but didn't finish number 15 within the 5 minute limit and did not make it to the 4th round 2nd place Robert(?) 4th round - ate 18.... then puked is past lives onto the other guy 1st place winner Casey - 4th round - ate 20 habanero hush puppies Prizes: 1st place , of course, won the gift certificate with the larger amoount and a plaque with bragging rights and is qualifeid for the finale. He also gets a Mr Potato Head with it's tongue pierced by a nail and he also gets a phone interview with a local radio station. 2nd and 3rd recieved gift certificates to the restaurant and gummi tongues. Made with cornmeal, potato, cheese and the equivalent of one whole habanero pepper in each ball These hush puppies balls were indeed hot and spicy...but they were not too hot...I enjoyed them imensely Last but not least....everyone that participated in the contest gets to feel the pain and all the wonderfull after effects of eating WAY TOO MUCH deep fried habanero hush puppy balls in less than twenty minutes! OUCH!!!!! BLECHHH!!!! I came back to work to finish up my day here...but have found that standing is near impossible and the restroom will be my new home for the remainder of the afternoon and possibly the evening. I have video of the last two rounds that will be posted later (the video camera failed to record the first round...which is ok...because a woman sat right in front of the camera and we wouldn't be able to see anything anyway) Until then....I will enjoy my self inflicted gastronomic torment satisfied with finishing third place and must hurry back to the restroom. Thank You!! Goodnight! Chef Tom

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