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Santana and Willie ~ Gone to Mexico (Redone): Awesome Solo's

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I did an off the wall vid for this song than yanked it. I believe this is better. Hope you agree. Song Lyrics: "Where's my pal where's my friend all good things must have an end Sad things and…
I did an off the wall vid for this song than yanked it. I believe this is better. Hope you agree. Song Lyrics: "Where's my pal where's my friend all good things must have an end Sad things and nothing's on and on they go I guess he went to Mexico They all went to Mexico buenas dias got to go Tengo que obedecer mi corazon they all went to Mexico [ guitar ] Where's my mule and where's my dray straw hat's packed up and gone away The mule don't go north and dray go slow they both went to Mexico Where's my sweetie where's the face that lit dark corners every place She put up with me long time you know and then she had to go to Mexico They all went to Mexico... [ accordion ] Where's my brown dog where's my hound he liked my truck he hung around But he's a canine Romeo and I guess he went to Mexico Where's that woman so sweet so mean her heart was cautious her mind was keen She was always looking for the peccadillo I hope she went to Mexico They all went to Mexico... [ guitar ] Where's December's happy crew with German bikes and sidecars too They take the truck south to St Louis MO motorcycle all the way to Mexico Where's my luck and where's my grace has it all been just a foolish chase Every time I hear that rainy chill wind blow I think it might be time to head to Mexico They all went to Mexico... They all went to Mexico... [ guitar ] Early life and career Carlos Santana was born in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico, with two brothers and four sisters and a father who was a mariachi violinist. Carlos began playing the violin at five years of age, occasionally performing with his father's mariachi orchestra. When his family moved to Tijuana when he was nine, he became interested in the guitar, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and blues music and soon was performing in bands in the Tijuana area. When his family emigrated to San Francisco, California, thirteen year old Carlos refused to leave, preferring his independence as a working musician. After being convinced to stay in San Francisco with his family, he graduated from Mission High School in 1965.[2] Santana helped the family out by working as a dishwasher and grew to enjoy the San Francisco music scene, often sneaking into music promoter Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium to listen to his favorite musical artists, including Muddy Waters, and The Grateful Dead. At the end of 1966, guitarist Tom Frazier wanted to form his new rock band. Frazier joined Santana (on guitar/vocals), Mike Carabello (on percussion), Rod Harper (on drums), Gus Rodriguez (on bass guitar), and Seattle native Gregg Rolie (on organ/vocals), to form the Santana Blues Band. Santana has maintained that it was he and Rolie who were the most serious about music and pursuing it further, while the others were only interested in hanging out and being part of the scene. Santana himself was not viewed by the group as the actual leader of the band that had his name. The group operated as a collective, as it would through the early 1970s. The name of the band was agreed upon due to a local musicians union requirement that there be a designated leader and a name. He met Stan 'Moon' Marcum who acted as the group's manager. After a while the group came to be known simply as 'Blues Band'. At this time it comprised Carlos Santana, Rolie, David Brown on bass guitar, Bob 'Doc' Livingston on drums, and Marcus Malone on percussion.[2] Santana's recording debut occurred as a guest on The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper. There has always been speculation about how the band picked up its Latin influence, since ironically neither Santana nor Gregg Rolie had any affinity for the style in the first place. It is known they hung out often at San Francisco's Aquatic Park where conga players would get together and jam. Also, around this time Santana was exposed to other types of music for the first time in this creative, musically fertile city. Bay Area jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo became a favorite of Santana and featured congas on his 1966 album, Spellbinder...

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