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Woodturning tool Ci1 Easy Rougher- Carbide Insert

  • Duration: 09:04
  • Added: 2008-02-12 20:15:43
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Description: 'The Next Step in Woodturning' Customer reviews--- This video is in REAL time, not fast… 'The Next Step in Woodturning' Customer reviews--- This video is in REAL time, not fast motion. The Ci1 Easy Rougher is a carbide insert woodturning tool that addresses fatigue, safety, and efficiency like no other type of tool on the market. It is designed to safely and effortlessly remove 95% of material for any woodturning process without the need for sharpening. The Ci1 tool bar is CNC machined from solid stainless steel bar stock and is 11" overall length. It is turned down to a ½" diameter by 2 ½" long to receive your handle. The same Ci1 accepts either the square or crowned insert style. Having both inserts will give you the most versatility. Advantages Speed You can turn at much higher RPMs (when piece is safely mounted) Cuts left or right and plunges in on either side of work piece without changing approach angle Truly deeper cuts -- up to 1" off the diameter in one pass. Sharpening You can rough many bowls before rotating the carbide insert to a fresh side Fatigue- Requires very little physical strength or exertion Your feet and hips stay in nearly the same position throughout the entire blank roughing process. Very minimal handle bouncing on irregular shaped blanks Safety Tool does not kick-back or suck into work piece Shield deflects most projectiles away from the face and neck Learning Curve No intimidating cutting angles to learn and remember No bevels to ride No fear of a dangerous catch Anyone can learn to turn in just a few minutes For a customer review--

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